I am always interested in hearing from students who would like to pursue PhD studies - please email me if you would like to discuss potential projects!


Nikki Lamb - 2014

The relationship between musculoskeletal markers and nutritional health in the transitional phase between the High and Late Mediaeval Periods in England.

Sophie Edwards - 2015

A Comparison of craniomandibular ontogeny between fossil Hominoids of the Late Miocene and Early Pliocene epochs in relation to contemporary climate change and palaeoecological shifts.

Milly Farrell - 2015

The Lure of London: Immigrant social status and health in Post-Medieval London

Jon Gorrie - 2020

Does culture evolve? Testing evolutionary theories of culture through a case study of El Khiam points from three sites in the Pre Pottery Neolithic A of the Southern Levant.

Paul Duggan - 2020

The effect of climate and disease on human ostracism in Prehistoric Africa.

James Johnson - 2021

The Evolution of Human Nature